I’ll be back!

Apologies for the long silence everyone. It’s been very hectic finalising the Level 5 books and launching into work on Level 6, not to mention keeping up with the return of football and test cricket. Bear with me for a few more days and I’ll post some more MCQs or news items or maths teasers or technical explanations … or whatever you ask me for. In the meantime, good luck to all of you who have been sitting exams in recent weeks. I’m getting feedback about questions that were set despite not being covered by the syllabus or the official Study Guides. Feel free to contact me in private if you have anything of that kind to report: Ynherapr.abbar@cebsrk.pb.hx. I will then take a view about whether to cover the ‘rogue’ questions in later editions of the Profex books.

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