L5M8: improved Gantt charts and baselines

As promised in my most recent blog post, I am now posting improved coverage of Gantt charts and baselines. If you have purchased the Profex Study Text for this module you should print out these pages and use them instead of page 187 of the May 2020 edition.

L5M8 Project and Change Management

Some harsh words have appeared on Twitter in relation to the CIPS Study Guide for this module:

I would not disagree with this at all. But by a nice irony a Profex customer has criticised our own Study Text for the same module. He complains that the coverage of a syllabus topic on Gantt charts and baselines is too skimpy. And I agree with him – it just shows that publishing is not an easy discipline, and definitely not for amateurs!

If you have purchased the Profex text for this module, keep an eye on this space during the next few days. As always when I receive a justified criticism of the content of the books I plan to post an improved version for anyone to view free of charge. I will be posting new coverage of that specific syllabus topic very soon. Oh, and good luck to you if you have purchased the official Study Guide and are expecting a similar response from CIPS!