I’ll be back!

Apologies for the long silence everyone. It’s been very hectic finalising the Level 5 books and launching into work on Level 6, not to mention keeping up with the return of football and test cricket. Bear with me for a few more days and I’ll post some more MCQs or news items or maths teasers or technical explanations … or whatever you ask me for. In the meantime, good luck to all of you who have been sitting exams in recent weeks. I’m getting feedback about questions that were set despite not being covered by the syllabus or the official Study Guides. Feel free to contact me in private if you have anything of that kind to report: Ynherapr.abbar@cebsrk.pb.hx. I will then take a view about whether to cover the ‘rogue’ questions in later editions of the Profex books.

Free book(s)!

I like puzzles, so I’ve decided to include an occasional teaser in this blog. This first one was presented at school to my daughter’s eight year old niece but caused widespread bafflement among older readers.

I’m looking for a fraction where the numerator differs from the denominator by 19. The fraction must be greater than ⅛ but less than ¼.

The first person to post a correct answer as a comment on this post is entitled to a Profex book of their choice, delivered free of charge anywhere in the world.

You can get two Profex books of your choice if you give me the complete list (not a very long list) of possible answers.

This is much easier than many of the questions you will meet in your exam. At least there is a definite answer!

We Feel Your Pain

We had a message this morning from a student about to begin studying Level 6. ‘I really don’t want to use the CIPS textbooks. Using them for Level 5 has scarred me for life. When will your Level 6 books be published?’

We wish our Level 6 books were already available. (They would have been if CIPS had not kept the syllabus secret from the whole world so as to give their preferred publisher an 18 month start. CIPS are strongly in favour of fair competition.) But the good news is that our books are coming soon. L6M1, M2 and M3 are scheduled for end August to end September. For the mysterious L6M4 – no publication coming from CIPS on this one – we will be sending an aid for lecturers to selected Study Centres in the next week or two. And we will be launching as many of the elective modules as we possibly can by the end of 2020. In the meantime, we have undertaken medical research on behalf of all students and lecturers worldwide and the advice is simple: keep taking the painkillers.