Ethical leadership from CIPS

Are you a student or lecturer who has tried to find Profex material by googling ‘Profex books’ or ‘Profex study material for CIPS exams’ or similar? If so, you may well have found yourself on this following page of the CIPS website.

Screenshot as of 25 March 2021

On this page CIPS hint at an entirely spurious and unauthorised claim that their books are somehow connected with Profex. It is understandable that they want to do this – after all, their own books ‘enjoy’ a deserved reputation for being unreadable, incoherent drivel, barely related to the exam syllabus, while the Profex books are the acknowledged Rolls Royce of publications for CIPS exams. But to say that their motivation is understandable is not to say that it is ethical, or professional – or even legal. Indeed, if you have studied the legal concept of ‘passing off’ you may wonder whether this qualifies as a good example.

But if you are feeling let down by your masters at Easton House you are failing to grasp an important point: ethical, professional and legal standards apply to little guys – like you, and me – not to our overlords.

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