Profex Reference Texts: the most comprehensive study material on the market

Profex Reference Texts for the 2018 syllabus are the most comprehensive and user-friendly study material for CIPS students. Each Reference Text provides detailed coverage of all topics specified in the syllabus. In terms of depth and scope we monitor the official CIPS publications to ensure you get the correct level of coverage.

Our study material is targeted, standalone, up-to-date and cost-effective.

  • Targeted: we only cover topics in the exam syllabus – and we cover all of them. There are no ‘pet subjects’, ‘interesting background knowledge’ – or gaps in coverage.
  • Standalone: don’t even think of buying any supplementary texts. Our coverage is comprehensive and does not depend on your access to other texts. We always monitor the official CIPS publications to ensure that we give you at least equal coverage of every examinable topic included in them.
  • Up-to-date: between editions we keep you posted on recent developments via our website.
  • Cost-effective: with Profex you have the best – and best-value – study and practice material on the market. You do not need to buy other texts to fill gaps in coverage. Just £16.50 per module (plus P&P).

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