Profex PassKits: fast track preparation for your CIPS exams at Level 2 and Level 3

Profex PassKits are the essential tool for students who want to pass their CIPS exams with a minimum of fuss. Each PassKit provides rapid explanation of all syllabus topics, plus lots of Objective Response questions (the type of question you will meet in your exam). Each PassKit ends with a mock exam, simulating as closely as possible what you are likely to meet in the real exam. In printed form, the Profex PassKits are priced at £22 each (plus P&P).

Even better, Profex PassKits are available in online format*. Attempt Objective Response practice questions and a mock exam online, exactly as you will be required to do in the exam room. Purchase an online PassKit to obtain access for two months to the most comprehensive package of study and practice material on the market. The clock starts ticking when you purchase your Online PassKit, so don’t buy it until you are ready to use it. If you work through it thoroughly, and gain a pass in the mock exam, we are very confident that you will pass in the real exam. And if you don’t, we will continue to give you access to the Online PassKit for a further two months free of charge! In online form, the Profex PassKits are priced at £20 plus VAT.

Click here for a guide to using your Online PassKit.

* Note: all Profex online products are optimised for use with Google Chrome, which is available free of charge. We cannot guarantee full functionality if you use other browsers.

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