Profex Mock Exams at Level 2 and 3

All your hard work goes for nothing if in the end you fail to pass the exam. So give yourself the best possible chance. When you think you have studied and practised enough, the ideal last-minute preparation is to sit an exam in exactly the format you will meet in the exam room.

Profex Mock Exams* contain the same number of questions, the same question formats, and crucially the same online medium as the live CIPS exam. We also encourage you to practise your time discipline, by highlighting automatically when you have reached the time limit that applies in the live exam. (But if you haven’t finished at that point you can continue to the end of the exam for further practice.)

* Note: all Profex online products are optimised for use with Google Chrome, which is available free of charge. We cannot guarantee full functionality if you use other browsers.

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