Critical path analysis

We have had a query (a slightly panicky query) from a learner studying the L5M8 module Project and Change Management. Her concern relates to Assessment Criterion 3.4 and specifically to the topic ‘critical path method’ or CPM. She has not been able to find study material that makes this topic understandable.

CPM is indeed somewhat more technical and computational than most syllabus topics. However, this should not cause panic.

  • For one thing, it is most unlikely (and perhaps impossible) that an exam question would ask you to construct a critical path network. More likely is that you might be asked a question involving the interpretation of a given network.
  • And for another, there is help on the way. Our Study Pack for L5M8 is currently being printed. And we have decided to make our coverage of CPM available now, ahead of publication: download it as a PDF here.

Please let us know if you have difficulties understanding any topics on the syllabus for this or other modules: choyvfuvat@cebsrk.pb.hx. If enough learners are struggling with a particular topic we will consider publishing explanatory material on this forum.

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