Mock Exams for Certificate and Advanced Certificate

The CIPS exams

If you are studying for the Certificate or Advanced Certificate qualification you will need to pass an exam in computer-based format. These exams will comprise either 36 Objective Response (OR) questions to be completed in one hour, or 72 OR questions to be completed in two hours, depending on which module you are studying.

CIPS have announced that the OR questions will be presented in three different formats: multiple choice, drop down menu, and drag-and-drop.

The Profex mock exams

Our mock exams attempt to mimic exactly what you will meet with in the exam room: the correct number of OR questions, in a mix of the prescribed formats, and with the correct time limit. (In case you don’t finish on time, we allow you an extra hour – but if you need this extra time, be aware that you will need to work more quickly in the real exam!)

You will get instant feedback on your results, enabling you to focus any additional work needed on the areas where you are weak.

When you purchase a mock exam, you will receive an email with login details enabling you to access the exam online. Expect this email within one business day from the time of your purchase.

Publication dates

For each subject at Certificate level, we offer a mock exam available from mid January 2019 onwards.

For each subject at Advanced Certificate level, we offer a mock exam available during January 2019. For the modules L3M5 Socially Responsible Procurement and L3M6 Socially Responsible Warehousing and Distribution we cannot prepare mock exams until CIPS have published their Study Guides, so our publication date will be soon after theirs.

Important note

Your purchase of a mock exam entitles you to just one attempt at the exam. So don’t attempt it until you have studied the whole syllabus for your module. And only attempt it when you are sure that you will not be disturbed during the time required for completion.

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